29 jun. 2012

hello, super junior addiction finally returns!!

if finally returns this blog dedicated to them created by a fan for fans;
the truth I never wanted to leave this blog but for various reasons I did u_u
but like them now with their 6 th album "Sexy, Free & Single" and the comeback of Kanin I've decided to return to my blog!!
I know a lot but I want to return later as he believes this flog for love, for pleasure and I was happy to translate and share information with you, but now I know there are many blogs, many pages on FB, many clubs and other I know what I do is good for that and I read n_n
besides this blog is independent, does not belong to any club of fans of a fan is OK for fans n_n
now create a page on FB which subsequently fails the link,
I hope to continue this blog as soon I will work hard to regain the rhythm I had before in translations and more.

Also I make it clear that although this blog I will be supporting independent projects of some fan clubs, events and publishes things of interest to fans of Super Junior as well as other groups in kpop!

No more for now I'll be updating the look of the blog post to mind putting this information, thanks to everyone who visited this blog even when I was desert now will work to give back to life thanks ^ ^

Super Junior Addiction

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